Ambien Addiction Signs

Ambien Addiction Signs

Prescription drugs abuse has become quite a menace in the recent times. Addiction to these drugs always starts as a genuine prescription in order to manage a particular ailment. However, the addiction process is always the same as when the drug has been consumed for illegitimate purposes. Abuse of any drug whether prescribed or non-prescribed is characterized by disregard to the recommendations of medical practitioners or taking the drug for recreational purposes.

As much as the motive for using the drug may be varied in the beginning, taking the drug in large amounts for extended periods of time increases the risk of addiction. Note also, that the addiction risk is higher for individuals who have in the past abused other substances or even alcohol.

Ambien addiction always begins with development of physical or psychological dependency. This occurs when the individual’s body relies on the drug for it to function in the normal manner. In such scenarios, if the individual takes too long before consuming the drug, he or she would undergo withdrawal symptoms as the body tries to adjust to the lack chemical deficiency in the system. These include extreme irritability, insomnia, general body weakness, stomach cramps, nausea, restlessness as well as abnormal sweating.

Addiction to Ambien occurs at varying rates. Sometimes occurring in as little time as a single month, the individual would develop not only psychological and physical dependency but also chemically tolerant to the drug. Intense cravings will set in leading the individual to consume the drug regardless of its destructive consequences.

Ambien Addiction Signs

It often becomes quite difficult for you to determine when an individual is abusing prescription drugs. However, most of the symptoms will be observed in the addict especially behavioral and health aspects. You will notice that the individual becomes tolerant in which case even after consuming the normal doses the insomnia is not managed.

The individual is also depressed especially when there are long durations of time between doses, emotionally stable and mood swings, incoherent or muddled thought signaling at confusion, memory loss as well as energy fluctuations.

You will also notice behavioral changes with the individual becoming preoccupied with obtaining as well as consuming the drug. The individual will also consume higher doses than recommended and thus the drug will be getting finished more quickly. In most cases, the addicts engage in doctor shopping where they obtain the drug from several different medical practitioners. The addict could also obtain the drug from illegal sources or from online stores or street dealers.

Other common signs of Ambien addiction include gastrointestinal problems like constipation and diarrhea, lightheadedness, migraines, difficulty concentrating, lethargy, depression, vomiting, excessive sweating, rapid heartbeat, edema-fluid retention, coughing as well as infections of the upper respiratory system.

As you will acknowledge, some of these symptoms are quite serious and actually border on the fatal. It is therefore important that you seek immediate medical attention (800-303-2482) as soon as possible before they escalate. Mixing the drug with others may not only increase its effects but may also have fatal effects.