Ambien Addiction Symptoms

Ambien Addiction Symptoms

Ambien like other drugs whether prescription or non-prescription is abused when an individual consumes it against the advice of a qualified medical practitioner or for purposes other than those for which it was intended. As you may note, it is always behavioral in nature with the individual making a conscious choice to take more than is recommended. One thing that you may acknowledge about prescription drugs is that, most people are not even aware when the addiction is setting in.

Ambien has been widely used not only in the united states but also in other parts of the world in treating insomnia, relaxing muscles as well as anticonvulsant. So effective it is in inducing sleep that it is known to work in approximately fifteen minutes. Actually, the drug is quite safe when used according to the recommendations of a qualified medical practitioner. Note that the drug should never be used for more than five weeks.

It is always imperative that the predisposing factors for the insomnia be identified if it goes beyond the five weeks. Insomnia may be caused by factors such as physical or even psychological problems and until they are dealt with, it may not be solved.

Ambien addiction always begins with the development of physical dependency. This occurs when the individual’s body relies on the drug for normal functioning. At this time, if the individual takes too long before taking the drug, the body reacts to the chemical shortage by undergoing withdrawal. The individual would experience problems such as extreme irritability, body fatigue, restlessness, nausea, panic attacks, difficulty in sleeping, seizures and abnormal sweating.

Ambien Addiction Symptoms

As much as addiction occurs at varied rates for different individuals, it can occur in a month’s time. In this case, the individual will, not only be physically and psychologically dependent. They will also have a craving for the drug and consume it regardless of the negative consequences it brings to their lives.

You should be on the lookout for psychological and physical symptoms of ambien addiction including problems concentrating, amnesia, confusion, edema-fluid retention, anxiety, hallucinations, depression, headaches, lightheadedness as well as general body weakness. The individual may also experience lethargy, coughing, infections of the upper respiratory system, vomiting excessive sweating and rapid heartbeat.

You should also be alarmed when the individual is unable to sleep even after taking the normal Ambien doses, emotional instability symptoms like mood swings as well as inability to concentrate. The individual would also be confused, depressed and experience energy changes. Coordination problems are also experienced. The individual may also engage in doctor shopping whereby he or she gets the drugs from numerous varied healthcare centers or even illegal places like street stores etc. You may notice that the individual consumes more of the drug than is prescribed in which case the prescriptions get finished too quickly.

Like other drugs, Ambien would produce withdrawal symptoms when an individual tries to quit taking the drug abruptly. This is especially when the individual has been taking the drug for a long time. As much as the withdrawal symptoms are not particularly dangerous, they are quite uncomfortable. However, their occurrence can be eliminated if an individual seeks help for ambien addiction (800-303-2482) in a rehabilitation center.